Video Test Patch Generator Configuration Dialog

The Video Test Patch Generator Dialog, allows selecting a ChromeCast as a source of Video test patches, configuring the test patch display, as well as having the option of displaying some preset Test Cards. It can be accessed either from the Measurement View, or from a Readout type that can be used to set a Test Patch Color.

Video Test Patch Generator Dialog

A - Selected Video T.P.G.

When the Dialog is first created, it scans for any ChromeCasts on the local network, and they will be listed in this pull down list. Select the ChromeCast you want to use for displaying Test Patchs and Test Cards.

B - Re-Scan

If the initial scan doesn't pick up ChromeCasts on the local network, or the available ChromeCasts have changed, pressing the Re-Scan button will update the Videp T.P.G. list.

C - Test Card

This pull down selects a Test Card to display. Available Test Cards are:

Geometry TPG Test Card - Geometry
Probe Locations TPG Test Card - Probe Locations
Low Clipping TPG Test Card - Low Clipping
High Clipping TPG Test Card - High Clipping
Neutrals TPG Test Card - Neutrals
Color Ramps TPG Test Card - Color Ramps

D - Show Card

This button will display the chosen Test Card to the chosen TPG. It may take some seconds to connect, render the Card, and send it to the TPG.

E - Patch Area Slider

This slider sets the Area and hence size of the test patch. The patch area also sets the Constant Luma or Constant Power background level.

F - Patch Area %

This field shows the current Patch Area as a % of the total screen area, and can also be used to set the Patch Area to a specific value.

G - Horizontal and Vertical Position

These two sliders allow the position of the Test Patch to be set on the screen. Double Tapping a slider will reset it to the center position.

H - Show Patch

If the TPG has not previously been connected to, this button will show the size and location of the Test Patch, and thereafter changes to the Patch Area and Position will be immediately shown on the screen.

I - Disable/Enable TPG

This toggle button allows disabling the sending of patch values from RGB Readouts to the TPG, without having to locate and disable each individual Readouts "Send to TPG" option. This doesn't prevent you showing a test Card, or using the Show Patch button though. When the TPG is disabled, this button will Show the text "Enable TPG" in red.

J - Background

This pull down selects the color of the screen around the Test Patch. The choices are:

Black background.
20% Grey background.
Constant Video
The average of the whole screen R,G & B Video signal will be kept constant.
Constant Light
The average of the whole screen R,G & B Light level will be kept constant.
An assumed gamma of 2.3 is used to compute this.

K - Release TPG

This button releases the connection to the TPG after a Test Card to Test Patch has been displayed.

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