Set a Readout Value

Double Tap (or Two finger tap) a Readout to manually set the color value of the source of a readout.

Set Readout Value

Not all readout types allow setting a value, since not all types can be be converted back to a Tri-stimulus CIE value.

There are two purposes for setting a value:
To operate as a color calculator. By setting up readouts of the measured value in the color spaces you want to convert between, you can enter a value in one, and immediately see the equivalent value on the others.

To set a reference value to check a measurement against, or to adjust the equipment you are measuring. For instance, by setting a Readout to have the measurement reference as the source and to be in RGB space with a Rec709 colorspace, you can enter the target value in RGB space, thereby implicitly setting an XYZ reference value. If one of the other readouts is set to the measurement source and RGB Adjustment value, then you have a direct means of making adjustments to a display against the RGB target value.
You can paste from the Clipboard by long pressing in an entry.

If the Clipboard contains a number that suits the type of entry, it will be inserted at the cursor in the usual way.

If the Clipboard contains at least 3 number that suits the type of entry, they will replace the current 3 values. This is allows convenient copy and paste between a Readout value and the Set Value dialog.

Note that the Configurable RGB colorspace Readout:

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