Spectral Graph

Access the Chromaticity Graph View from the Measurement View using the Spectral Button.

Spectral Graph

The spectral graph is only available for measurements that have spectral measurement information, and this is only possible from spectral measurement instruments. See Instrument Capabilities.

Graph plots light wavelength on the X axis, and either absolute or relative level on the Y axis.

  Measurement Mode  
Y Units
Emission Flash
Ambient Flash

You can pinch zoom independently in the X and Y direction, and touch scroll to focus on any detail of the graph.
Double tap to return to full view.

The wavelength values are color coded with an illustrative wavelength color.

The axis numerical values will fade in or out of view during zooming, maintaining a smooth transition with changes in scale,
and providing the ability to precisely measure the location of features of the graph.

See Configuration Options to enable or disable high resolution spectral measurement mode on devices that support this.

Re-measure by tapping the Measure menu item.

The Options menu item pulls down a list of selection boxes that allow choosing which measurements to plot.

Spectral Graph Options

The last measurement is always plotted, and by default the Reference Measurement is enabled.
The Primary color references may optionally be enabled.

Either touch the Done button, or somewhere else in the view to dismiss the menu.

Use the Android Back button to return to the Measurement View.

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